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August + Pemberton is dedicated to creating the highest standard of Mokume Gane available anywhere in the world. We reguarly receive commissions from all corners of the globe and tirelessly strive to ensure each new Mokume Gane ring is our best work ever. By building this website on a solid foundation of service and quality we have opened the doors of our modest studio to the entire world. 


Dating back to feudal Japan, Mokume Gane is the bonding of two or more metals to form an inseparable unity. These metals are first bonded with intense heat and delicate perseverance. Beautiful and organic patterns are then created by forging, twisting and rolling the metals while red hot. When created by the most skilled artisans Mokume Gane should emulate nature’s harmony, balance and unity.

Each Mokume Gane ring is custom made by hand in our Sydney studio.      

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